Compatibilità 0.9.0
Dettaglio compatibilità gioco
Tavola di compatibilità gioco
Titolo Abbreviazione % Completamento
Loom loom 95%
No known issues, game is completable.
- Amiga, Atari ST, FM-TOWNS, Macintosh and PC versions supported by this target
- The Roland update from LucasArts is required for MIDI support in the EGA version
- No music or sound effects in the Macintosh version
- Fades are seemingly different in the FM-TOWNS version
- Text palette sometimes incorrect in the FM-TOWNS version
- Distaff occasionally pink in the FM-TOWNS version
- Use boot parameter to choose difficulty in the FM-TOWNS version:
  • 0 practice (default)
  • 1 standard
  • 2 expert

- Kanji version requires the FM-TOWNS Font ROM