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Official ports

Some additional links for ports that have been merged into our repository

Unofficial ports

There are a few unofficial ports of ScummVM floating around. Usually we prefer to merge any ports into our official repository, but for the following this has not (yet) happened for various reasons. Note that the ScummVM team does not endorse any of these ports. We did not test them, and we do not guarantee that they work properly. Use at your own risk!

Libraries & Technologies

The following lists some libraries and technologies ScummVM makes use of (depending on which system your run it and which configuration is chosen).

Other sites of interest

The following are links to sites that provide news and help on retro-gaming or are otherwise of interest.

Other classic game engine open source projects

The following are links to other classic game engine open source projects similar to ScummVM. Know any other classic game projects that should be linked here? Let me know!

Technical information about SCUMM and other engines

SCUMM is a complex system that grew over many years. Understanding it can be quite difficult at times. Therefore we tried to collect some information about these engines in our Wiki. Sadly not everything is in there. But there are other sites out there that provide you with a bunch of information about some engines. Here are some of them.