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14 gru 2002: Media Blitz
Posted by ender

I forgot to mention this when we released 0.3.0b, but ScummVM has recently been spotted in a UK magazine: PC Zone mentioned ScummVM in a review of the iPAQ 3870. A page scan is available. In addition, the german computer magazine c't had an article about games for PDAs which also listed Pocket Scumm (sorry, no picture available right now).

Monkey in your pocket? Definitely.

If anybody else notices ScummVM in the media, we would appreciate it you dropped us a line at Remove the NOSPAM from the address, obviously. If possible, please also send us a scan of the page.

If you work for a magazine that wants to mention ScummVM, maybe in an article on retro-gaming (*hint hint*), then also feel free to drop us a line. We can probably arrange an interview, screenshots, help... and/or large bribe-like quantities of bananas.