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30.09.2004: And so it was said, Let There Be Contest!
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Hello, humble Website Watchers. We have gathered you all here today for a contest of most epic proportions.

Well, not really.

We're holding a contest to redesign the ScummVM website. If you have talent, and want to contribute something to ScummVM, here is your chance.


  • Designs should be submitted in Photoshop (.PSD) or GIMP (.XCF) format. Layers should be used, and consideration taken that the majority of the design is feasibly done in HTML with minimal use of large graphical elements.
  • The completed design must be designed for optimal use at 1024x768, but the page should be designed to be renderable in lower resolutions and in text-only browsers.
  • The main focus should be on an easy, noticeable and uncrowded navigation system.
  • Sites submitted with a completed HTML template will be considered for extra points if they obey the following extra rules. Otherwise they will be graded on design merits only.
    • Completed sites should be submitted as a one-page HTML template. All original graphics should be included (layered if applicable) in Photoshop .PSD or GIMP .XCF format.
    • Sites must have readable HTML/CSS code, and should be quick-loading and as 'light' as possible.
    • Sites should be W3C HTML4.01 verified, and have no particular browser dependencies.

Submissions close on the 21st of October, and public voting will occur after the team has selected the final candidates. There will be a prize or two of some sort for the winner, which will be announced at a later date. Please e-mail all submissions to contest@scummvm.org in a .zip, .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 archive.