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22.01.2009: ScummVM announces affiliate program with GOG.com
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You always wondered where to get games supported by ScummVM? Perhaps you were also asking, how I can help the project?

You could find the supported games either on our downloads page, or on our Where to buy games page on our Wiki. For helping the project we have had a PayPal button for some time.

But now you can reach both goals at the same time!

We are pleased to announce the start of an affiliate program with the excellent Good Old Games service, also known as GOG.com. Just click on their button on the sidebar and you will be brought to the site. Register there and buy some games. You will get your game, cheap, fast and legally, and the ScummVM project will get a share of the proceeds.

The main reason behind this is that GOG.com uses ScummVM for several of their offered titles. Currently they offer Broken Sword 2, Simon the Sorcerer 1, Simon the Sorcerer 2, Feeble Files, Waxworks, as well as some of the free games which we offer too. Each release is nicely pre-packaged with ScummVM, is DRM-free, goes for just $5.99, and the most important thing, is completely legal, as those folks chase the original rights holders.

Thus, watch their site, buy the games, and help our project.

PS: We will get the money only if you click on the provided button and register within a short period of time.