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17.07.2023: A New World of Discoveries
geschrieben von sdelamarre

Adibou, the first game in the beloved children's series, is now ready for public testing!

Also known as Adi Jr.'s World of Discoveries, this 1991 Coktel Vision title began the educational Adibou collection aimed at children of age 4 to 7 years.

Many of the iconic activities and mechanisms of the series were already part of this first opus: planting flowers, playing the game Breakout, and being rewarded with sweets upon completing Read/Count exercises. And of course, this was Adibou's first appearance! Although the floppy release has him speak the same strange gibberish as heard in the Goblins series, he is still the patient and funny learning partner that he's remembered for being in later games.

ScummVM supports all of the game's releases, from the initial 16-color floppy ones to later 1994 CD versions with richer graphics and sound effects. So dig out your dusty Adibou disks, get a ScummVM daily development build, and start collecting sweets while completing math and reading exercises! Please also contact us if you own a version ScummVM is not yet aware of, and report to the issue tracker any problem you may encounter.

As much as ScummVM aims to replicate the original gaming experience, there is one feature we are unfortunately unable to support. When hardworking children complete their virtual sweets collection, a message invites them to mail a floppy disk with their savegame to Coktel Vision, who would send them a parcel containing Coktel goodies and actual sweets! So if you are introducing children to Adibou through ScummVM, be prepared to go to the nearest shop and buy some candy for when they finish the game!