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6 d’abr. 2002: Loom and 0.2.0
Posted by ender

After some work, the 256 color CD Talkie version of Loom is completable! With this done, we are starting to gear up for a 0.2.0 release. To help us with this, we ask you - our game players - to take the latest Daily Builds and CVS snapshots and play through your favorite games!
We need to make sure that the following games are completable with no major playability bugs (eg, crashes, freezes, etc - minor issues such as sound syncro do not count):

  • Loom CD
  • Monkey Island 1 (CD)
  • Monkey Island 2
  • Indy 4: Fate of atlantis
  • Sam and Max
  • Day of the Tentacle

Thanks a lot, and we hope everything will work just fine so we can finally get a new release out the door! Also, by popular demand, 0.2.0 will include a new 'auto-save' feature to ensure you'll never lose hours of hard work because you forgot to save and suddenly found a bug!