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29 d’ag. 2002: Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game...
Posted by ender

Ladies, Gentleman, Three headed monkeys, and alien mindbenders... lend me your ears.

Firstly, an update on our legal negotiations with LucasArts. We are hopefully very close to finalising our arrangement, and sometime in the next week hope to make an announcement regarding this. Of course, we had hoped to make an announcement a good month ago. Unfortunatly things are rather busy at LucasArts, so it has taken a while to talk to the relevant people.

On another note, I would like to address something that comes up at least once a week. No, ScummVM is not currently in any kind of position to start supporting OTHER non-SCUMM games. The inclusion of Simon support aside, the current team has far too much on their hands trying to complete support for existing LucasArts classic adventures. Although we may add support for other games in the future, we do not currently plan on it... and any requests to do so will be promply ignored.

Unless it is accompanied by a donation of money over $2,000.

Meanwhile, we would suggest asking for help at the wonderful VOGONS (Very Old Games on New Systems) site if you require help with other games on modern operating systems.

Anyway, thats all for the moment. Donations have been rather nonexistant lately, so if you havn't already, please consider using the PayPal button under the menu on the left... and send us some cash. Currently we are using donations for legal costs, and purchasing software (such as a copy or three of IDA Pro, as well as games some of our developers may not already have).