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4 de gen. 2003: Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of...
Posted by ender

First, a quick note that the problems with the Clie Source forum have been resolved, and the Clie/Palm port will be merged into CVS as soon as chrilith has updated his port to work with 0.3.0's OSystem architecture.

A quick update on CMI (COMI/Monkey3) support. Within just several weeks, remarkable progress has been made on support for this game, but work will likely be slowed for the next week as various developers are otherwise occupied. Currently, except for some bugs that make the Cannon scene rather difficult and unstable, it is possible to play some way into Part II of the game.

The current main issues remaining include a bug with flObject allocation (causes a crash in some dialog sequences), some script termination issues (causes various game-crippling crashes in the cannon scene and several Part II puzzles) and the various problems with the opening cannon puzzle.

As usual, please remember this work is still experimental, and please do not file any bug reports regarding it. Patches, however, are very welcome! :)