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8 d’ag. 2003: ScummVM 0.5.1 released
Posted by ender

ScummVM version 0.5.1 was released today, fixing several issues uncovered since ScummVM 0.5.0.

The following changes are included in this release:

  • Beneath a Steel Sky savegame code completely rewritten, eliminating several situations where ScummVM 0.5.0 would produce unusable 'frozen' saved games
  • Several other Beneath a Steel Sky bugs have been fixed
  • Some Curse of Monkey Island actor graphical issues have been fixed
  • Some issues when running ScummVM fullscreen under MacOS X have been resolved
  • MorphOS port has undergone several critical bugfixes
  • Dreamcast port now supports Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2

We recommend all users upgrade to this release. Please note that whilst BASS saves from 0.5.0 are compatible with this release, we recommend restarting your game using the 0.5.1 save system if you continue to experience problems.