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20 de maig 2007: It's time to crack those pesky Nippon Safes
Posted by peres

Nippon Safes, Inc., the first exciting instalment of the Parallaction engine, is now supported in current SVN builds (which can be found under "SVN Builds" on the downloads page) and open for testing and bug reporting via the ScummVM bug tracker.

Are you smarter than an experienced safe cracker?
Are you sexier than an explosive lap dancing bombshell?
Are you dumber than a punch-drunk Italian former boxer?

No matter how you answer, you are bound to end up in jail in the first 5 minutes. Don't worry, though. You might be paroled or somebody might help you and provide the bail, but not for free*.

Help Dough, Donna and Dino in paying their - real or imaginary - debt, but be warned: accepting a job from a hideous misfit in a trench may lead to unexpected results.

Don't miss the playable demo you can find here, and don't forget to submit some sexy screenshots.

*You might think you owe something even if you were parolled, but that's restricted to the slight case you really are a punch-drunk boxer.