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31 de jul. 2007: Community Choice Awards: We won!
Posted by fingolfin and sev

Results are in folks for the 2007 Community Choice Awards and ScummVM has won in the Best Project for Gamers category!

In true award-ceremony spirit, we'd like to thank first and foremost you, our users. Over the years, you've helped us grow as a project, pointed out bugs and contributed code.

Second, we'd like to thank our project hoster, These guys maintain and develop the platform we depend on to collaborate and communicate our code.

Once again, a great big thanks to the community for supporting ScummVM. It really is an honor for us to be picked as a top project within 150.000+ potential contestants.

So if you haven't done so, go forth and download the latest, Award Winning (TM) ScummVM version and enjoy some classic adventure games on your favorite platform!