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31 de març 2008: ScummVM in GSoC. Don't miss your last train
Posted by sev (blatantly borrowed from Fingolfin)

UPDATE: The GSoC deadline was extend to April, 7th! The GSoC timeline should be updated soon to reflect this.

Do you enjoy the fabulousness of ScummVM? You still have a chance to add to it by participating in its development.

Prerequisities: ScummVM, students, and their free time and desire to take part in the development of one of the most successful open source projects. Whereas we don't have a problem with first item, the latter two aren't in a desired quantity this year.

So, it is your last chance to help us make ScummVM even better and get paid for it! The deadline of the Google Summer of Code (we reported it earlier) for student applications is drawing closer. Officially it is today, March 31st (although a deadline extension seems likely).

We added several new existing tasks to Open Tasks list, and we revised some of the old ones. Take a look now and apply.

Note that your first application draft doesn't have to be perfect. You have time till April 10th to improve upon it (see the GSoC timeline).

See you in the applications list!