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06.06.2007: Vote for ScummVM in the SourceForge Annual Community Awards
geschrieben von salty-horse, fingolfin

Once again, SourceForge is holding a vote to see which projects are most loved by the community.

Last year, ScummVM nearly won in the gaming category, losing the first place to the Xbox Media Center project (which, we may add, does not allow you to play classic adventure games on your Xbox).

Everyone should quickly login to their SourceForge account (or create one if they haven't got one yet) and go to the voting page to vote for ScummVM!

After you're done clicking, choose the "Best Project for Gamers" category. Feel free to do the same in the "Best Project" category. Note that this is only the first round of the election. The projects which get most votes now in each category will be selected for a second and final election round.

Happy voting!