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28.12.2007: PlayStation 2 maintainer wanted
geschrieben von fingolfin

The ScummVM team is currently looking for help with the PlayStation 2 port of ScummVM. We are in need of a second experienced PS2 porter, as the current one is rather busy with other stuff. The port is currently a bit in disrepair, several things need to be brought up to speed. However, the team would help any interested developer to figure out what has to be fixed and how. Contact us via the usual means (if in doubt, just contact Fingolfin).

We are currently gearing up for releasing 0.11.0, and it would be great if the PS2 port could be included with that release. But we realize that the time might be too short to do that effectively, so it's only a bonus, not mandatory.

Reward would be eternal fame and the everlasting gratitude of the PS2 userbase of ScummVM :-).