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06/04/2023: phone rings “Let’s Play Ball!”
Publicado por LittleToonCat

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We are proud to announce that network-enabled Humongous Entertainment titles are now playable online! Anyone who has a copy of Backyard Football, Backyard Baseball 2001, and even Backyard Football 2002 (which was originally a LAN-only title) can download the latest daily build* of ScummVM and play online games against real people!

This all became possible because the three developers from the Backyard Sports Online fork had joined the team and brought their services with them to the ScummVM. These are LittleToonCat, Jim “jibbodahibbo” Westerkamp and Sam “QuestionMonkey” Kupfer.

Please note that Backyard Football and Backyard Baseball 2001 require online accounts for the complete online experience, so you need to register to Backyard Sports Online, which is our fantastic online-play service and a thriving community of fellow Backyard Sports players, they even have a couple of competitive online Baseball and Football leagues, if that's your style, you can find more information in their Discord server! People who already have a Backyard Sports Online account can log in using the latest daily build and play, but if you do not, you can register right here! This is not required to play Backyard Football 2002 online.

If you encounter any issues playing online, please let us know via the issue tracker.

This fantastic art is done by a fellow BSO community member Peppyrus.

* only the Windows, macOS, Debian, Raspberry Pi, and Android builds are compatible with network play at the moment. And only the 2.8.x branch of ScummVM has this functionality.