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23/04/2023: Android is here to Play again
Publicado por antoniou79

After a few months of beta testing, valuable feedback from our community of play-testers, and relentless bug squashing, our ScummVM Android port is back on the Google Play Store with a fresh stable release! All the latest features of ScummVM 2.7.0 as well as Android-specific improvements are included in ScummVM!

A quick summary of the new features for this release:

  • Implemented support for Google’s Secure Access Framework (SAF) for safe access of external storage space, such as SD Cards or USB drives.
  • Improved input support for joysticks, modern controllers, physical mouse devices and even smart TV remote controls.
  • Introduced the ability to switch touch controls between “touchpad emulation”, “direct mouse” and “gamepad emulation” modes, which can be set per context (ScummVM UI menu, 3D engine game, 2D engine game) as well as changed on-the-fly.
  • Included a log view option, accessible from the “Global Options”, “Paths” tab, and the ability to specify the debug level of the log output, which can be set from the “Global Options”, “Misc” tab.
  • Included all features of ScummVM 2.7.0 with regard to 3D engine support and shaders.
  • Improved overall app stability.

Note that the added support for Google’s SAF API is significant, affecting devices running relatively modern Android OS versions. In these recent Android versions, SAF is relevant whenever games are stored on external storage such as an SD card. Since migration to SAF cannot be automated for the end user, you will need to perform a few manual steps to either use your old games or to add new games when using external storage such as an SD card. If your device supports SAF, the steps will appear in a pop-up when launching ScummVM for the first time. See our documentation page for a more detailed description of the process.

We are always interested in your feedback and suggestions. Any issues you encounter should be reported on our bug tracker. You may also reach out to the developer team on the forums or on Discord.

We’re grateful to have such an active and dedicated community and wish that you all enjoy this new ScummVM Android release!