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27 de maig 2002: Progress report
Posted by ender

The Windows daily builds don't contain any virus's, some anti-virus scanner like AntiVir are falsely reporting the recent xbox emulator trojan (TR/XBoxEmu.2) in all self extracting files created by SFX Maker

Work on ScummVM has been proceeding very slowly of late, as the main devteam is quite busy on other matters.

We are aware of quite a few issues in Zak256 and some very serious ones in Simon that were found for 0.2.0, and plan to do an interim release (0.2.1) as soon as they are fixed. We are of course looking for more developers willing to help out, as there is only currently one person working on the game interpreter itself (although several are working on more specialized parts of the engine).

We are also aware of a GP32 port in progress, and urge anyone who knows the developer to get him to contact Ender. Besides the fact we are quite interested in his work, and wish to invite him to join the team... we are quite peeved he has released binaries and there appears to be no way to contact him for the source code to his port (as is required by the GPL license ScummVM uses)!

Until the next update... I can't pick that up! No really! Read my lips.. I... Can't... Pick... That... Up!