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18 de març 2003: RIP yot, 1983 - 2003
Posted by fingolfin

Last Friday, March 14th, our fellow ScummVM developer and friend, Felix Jakschitsch (known to many under his nickname yot), committed suicide at the young age of 19.

We are completely shocked by this, and do not know or understand what drove him into this. It is a sorrowful world in which a cheerful, intelligent and helpful man is put in a situation in which he sees no other way to escape than taking his own life. We are sad to lose our valued friend. He contributed important work to ScummVM, including much of the Zak256 support. His loss is felt deeply by all of us, and we extend our condolence to his family and close friends, whose grief we share.

If you want to leave a message to his friends and family, there is a guestbook available. Also here is a news paper article telling more details (use babelfish if you don't speak german).

Felix, we miss you and will never forget you.