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27 de jul. 2004: What have you done this time, you meddling milquetoast?!?
Posted by ender

ScummVM 0.6.1 is out, and can now be grabbed from our download page!
Among the usual changes, ScummVM should now run natively on 64-bit machines -- something we actually forgot to mention in the NEWS file.

And you know what they say: "To save the world, you have to push a few old ladies down the stairs." So we made a mother-load of fixes in this release. Some of the wonderful things you will no LONGER see in ScummVM include:

  • Glitches using an Ogg Vorbis talkie file in some games
  • Crashes on 64-bit machines
  • Crashes when saving to an invalid directory in Broken Sword 1
  • Lots of sound glitches in Curse of Monkey Island, Full Throttle and The Dig
  • Crashes in some international versions of Simon the Sorcerer
  • ... and lots of other annoying bugs!

So don't delay, download today. Downloads are not yet available for all supported ports, such as non-ARM PocketPCs and the HandheldPC binaries. These should become available within the next week.