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01.12.2008: Ender steps down as ScummVM project lead
geschrieben von fingolfin

As of today, James "Ender" Brown has left the lead team of ScummVM.

Ender joined the ScummVM team back in February 2002 and became project co-lead already one month later. The original founders of ScummVM, yazoo and strigeus, were still active, but soon after left ScummVM for other ventures. Ender remained as the sole project leader until March 2003, when Max "Fingolfin" Horn joined him at the steering wheel. The long time leading triumvirate of ScummVM was completed in April 2006 with the addition of Eugene "sev" Sandulenko. Together, we went through many good and bad times.

Ender worked especially hard on the PR side of things, including tons of posts in the news section of this site (we really should post news updates more frequently again!), and many behind-the-scenes negotiations with companies regarding source code releases and other things. Not to mention repeatedly crossing swords with the legal department of LucasArts.

Recently, due to personal issues, Ender has had less and less time to work on ScummVM and related things. Not wanting to harm the project by being unable to devote enough time to take care of important tasks, Ender has graciously agreed to resign his post.

The remaining project leaders, Fingolfin and Sev, would like to thank Ender for his many years of faithful leadership, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.