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4 ago 2005: Time is only a word. A pretty short one.
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Due to a local space/time vortex which will in the future be located near Earth, the meaning of 'regularly' may be in flux. Stay tuned for further updates.

And now, to current news:

We're happy to report that Ron Gilbert, co-creator of Maniac Mansion and SCUMM, made a nice reference to ScummVM on his website (Grumpy Gamer. Or so we hear from Slashdot, which seems to have brought his site to its knees :)

Please note, however, that the Nintendo DS port mentioned is not yet an official or supported port. So please don't contact us about it, because we can't help :)

The contents of Rons latest post has been quoted in this blogspot post. For the record, we've given Ron the nod in our readme.txt since Wed Apr 17 17:31:05 2002 (UTC).

We're also calling for testers to report problems with 'Inherit the Earth' (details and purchase information behind the link!). Please use the bug tracker, and set the correct game under Group. Please only test with the latest CVS version. Thanks!