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19 mag 2007: Pre-0.10.0 Testing Season Announced
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Hello there ScummVM users! It's that time of year again where we ask you to test your games while we gear up for a new release, and this time it's for 0.10.0. While the official Big Testing Season(TM) begins on May 23, we ask that you begin testing games now, except for AGOS games (Simon the Sorcerer series, Feeble Files) and Nippon Safes.

There are several new games for 0.10.0 including Touche: The Adventure of the Fifth Musketeer and Future Wars. In addition, DrMcCoy has been extra busy and dealt us Gobliins 2, Goblins 3, Ween: The Prophecy and Bargon Attack. Also, Nippon Safes will be included in this release. This release will also feature the AGI games from the merge with Sarien.

There are detailed instructions on how to perform testing in a helpful way. You will find them at our Wiki page. Please, stick to those and report on our mailing list, on #scummvm or in our forums. The current list of tested games can be found here.