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Jun 14, 2023: Hey, Hawkins, nice to see you again!
Posted by OneEightHundred

Muppet Treasure Island, the second mTropolis game playable in ScummVM, is ready for public testing!

Created in 1996 by Activision and based on the movie of the same name, this game has you play the role of Jim Hawkins as you join the Muppets on a voyage to find a pirate’s buried treasure, and features additional live-action performances by Billy Connolly and Tim Curry.

ScummVM currently supports the Windows CD-ROM release in several languages (English, Spanish, Italian) and the English Macintosh CD-ROM. If you’re aware of any other versions, please contact us.

To play any of these supported releases, you will need a daily development build. If you encounter any issues, please submit them to the issue tracker!