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11 мая 2002 г.: The latest news.
Опубликовано ender

The ScummVM team is still working hard on fixing all the remaining bugs so we can release our next milestone (0.2.0). In the meantime, here is some news regarding the project.

Of particular interest may be the fact that Zak McKracken 256 (the enhanced graphics fmTowns version) will be officially supported in 0.2.0, and can currently be completed with only two major bugs in the current CVS.

Also, we currently have someone working on a GBA port. This has been a popular request, and hopefully will be ready in time for 0.3.0. You can see proof of it's existence in this development screenshot. The port is currently too early to be placed in CVS, so just hang tight :)

In other port news, LyonHrt has compiled an old CVS build of ScummVM for the Dreamcast, maintained by our team member Marcus Comstedt. They can be found listed below. Please note that as these are old builds they are not officially supported by the ScummVM team. Comments on this port should be posted on the ConsoleVision Dreamcast forum