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16 сент. 2007 г.: Which of you would like to play my little game?
Опубликовано Md5

We are glad to announce another supported title: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, which uses the SAGA engine.

Help Gorrister, Ellen, Benny, Nimdok and Ted to overcome their fatal flaws and fight the crazed super computer AM.

Get the latest daily build of ScummVM and your English, German, French, Spanish or Russian version of the game and fight the evil super computer! We ask you, our fellow users, to report any bugs you find in our bug tracker, following the bug submission guidelines. Any unrecognized versions should be reported to the tracker as well. Screenshots are also needed, which can be submitted using the appropriate guidelines for screenshot submission.

We hope you enjoy yet another great adventure game under ScummVM!