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27 нояб. 2007 г.: ScummVM iPhone port reaches the world
Опубликовано sev

You have probably noticed that ScummVM was recently ported to the iPhone. In fact, since yesterday the blog community picked up this news and started talking.

That is basically why we are going against our settled procedures this time and will announce this port even though it is not supposed to be official yet, but is in its early beta stages.

The port mentioned above was created by Oystein Eftevaag aka Vinterstum. Through continuous efforts of the ScummVM Team in the last six years it was not that difficult to make, and the basic port was created in less than a week.

As we've mentioned, it is not yet official, so you will not find it in its usual place on our downloads page, but you should visit this Wiki page which has full download and usage directions.

Remember, that we in no way support piracy of any kind, and discussing it will get you quickly banned on our forums and official IRC channel.

We have prepared a list of online shops where you can buy many of the supported games. And of course, there are Beneath a Steel Sky and Flight of the Amazon Queen on our downloads page which were freewared thanks to our project.