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12 янв. 2014 г.: Chivalry is NOT Dead!
Опубликовано somaen

Lord Horrible has sent you on a quest to kill the Queen of Everything, playing the role of the horribly disfigured Phlegmwad you will have the chance to choose how to (not?) fullfill this quest of epic proportions.

With great help from game developer Deirdra Kiai and Wintermute developer Jan Nedoma the ScummVM Team is pleased to announce support for our first Wintermute game: Chivalry is Not Dead. So, download a copy of the game and start playing in the latest daily build of ScummVM and help us with testing this open-ended game.

How many endings can YOU find?

As usual, all bugs should be reported to our bug tracker. You can find a list of data files in the data files page on our wiki. Of particular note is the need for a copy of arial.ttf (or a similar replacement, for instance FreeSans from GNU FreeFont.) For further information, check out the bug submission guidelines.