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09.04.2006: Project leadership, SourceForge.net 2006 Community Choice Awards results
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Today we are very happy to announce that Eugene "sev" Sandulenko has been elevated to the rank of project leader, meaning we now have a trio at the steering wheel of ScummVM.

Eugene contributed in major ways to ScummVM, going beyond what could reasonably be expected from a regular team member. He worked on several new engines in ScummVM, the new GUI code, managed several of our releases, played a central role in our recent switch to Subversion, motivates other people to do useful work, and many other things.

Congratulations, Eugene, and we hope to see a lot more of your great work in the future. :-)

In other news, the final results of the SourceForge.net2006 Community Choice Awards are now public, and ScummVM made an honorable second place in the Games category, only beaten by Xbox Media Center (some people are debating how game-like this is, but then, ScummVM itself isn't a game either, so let's not complain :-). Thanks again to everybody who voted for us.