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Apr 22, 2007: ...And another working goblins game!
Posted by sev, drmccoy

The blazingly fast addition of Goblins 3 was gracefully performed thanks to the not-so-big differences from Gobliins 2.

For you, an average peasa... adventurer, that means that YOU can reach an agreement between King Bodd and Queen Xina.

Will you succeed? Find out by grabbing your old copy of Goblins 3 from your dusty shelves, combining it with a shiny new ScummVM 0.10.0svn (check the build date, it has to be after April 21, 2007, yes, 2007).

Read our bug submissions guidelines and enter any bugs into the bug tracker.

P.S.: Please make a couple of screenshots along the way. The screenshots submission guidelines are here.