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Apr 24, 2012: In the Summertime
Posted by Strangerke

GSoC 2012 Logo

Almost six weeks ago, we announced you that ScummVM has been accepted by Google for its Google Summer of Code 2012. Since then, we received many good applications and we asked a lot of efforts to the students to clarify and enhance theirs. We'd like to thank them all for all these efforts!

Yesterday, Google announced the list of accepted students and tasks per project and it's with great joy that we announce you that this year, 4 students will be working on ScummVM tasks:

  • Jakimushka will work on a new testing framework based on an event recorder/player
  • Singron will turn scalers into plugins and will add some new ones
  • Somaen will integrate the Wintermute Lite engine and will add some currently missing functionalities
  • Upthorn will work on a new save anywhere feature, per engine, particularly useful for mobile devices

We'd like to welcome them warmly and to wish them the best! And of course, last but not least, we'd like to thank Google for giving us the possibility, once more, to work with talented students during summer time.