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1 июл. 2002 г.: We've got more lives than LeChuck!
Опубликовано ender

Well people, we are still alive so far. We are currently talking to LucasArts to see if we can negotiate a deal. To be honest, while we hope it is possible, we are dubious that the deal LucasArts may provide can give us certain freedoms we need to develop. One of the biggest fears of most companies is the GPL (General Public License). Some companies feel this gives users far too much latitude in use of their software. Unfortunately, if LEC feels the same way, we may have to reject their offer. It is close on impossible to relicense GPLed software, as it would mean getting permission from anyone who ever wrote even one line of code included in ScummVM.

So far most of our communication has been off-the-record and fairly vague, but be assured we haven't vanished, and we'll give you the latest news as it happens!

Also, thanks to people donating. We are currently at a little over $100, which is tagged to be spent on both buying versions of games for testing, and also saving up to our target of $300 to purchase a copy of IDA Pro, arguably the best disassembler on earth. Keep donating :)