The ScummVM team occasionally works on various subprojects, separate from the main ScummVM program. These projects are generally reasonably stagnant and not given a high priority. Regardless, this page is here to inform you of them, in the vague hope of attracting more developers to help maintain these side-programs.

Please do not ask where you can obtain binaries of these programs. Currently both subprojects are still in a state only suitable for developers... so if you can't compile the code yourself, then these are not really ready for you.

ScummEx (svn subtree 'scummex')

ScummEx is a multi-platform SCUMM resource browser, viewer and extractor using the wxWindows toolkit.

Development on this project is currently stalled. The code-base needs quite some cleanup, and viewers for many resource types still need adding to the code. Patches and volunteers are very welcome...

You can try compiled engine for: