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Dec 15, 2006: Where are your Musketeers?... Touché
Posted by sev

It was a complete surprise to all of us, but our old-timer Gregory Montoir aka cyx several weeks ago submitted a practically finished engine. It is used by the game Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer. Some more work has been performed, and now we are announcing full support for this title.

For you, our fellow users, this means that we are starting a great bug-hunting session. Grab your English, French, German or Italian, or even just the game demo and start testing. Stick Geoffroi Le Brun's nose in every hole in the game and report if it unexpectedly gets broken.

As usual, to play the game you will need a daily build of ScummVM. Bugs and graphical glitches should be submitted to our bug tracker, and please, follow the bug submission guidelines. Also, if you encounter some yet unrecognized version, report it to the same tracker.

Screenshots are required as well. Besides, we are still waiting for Future Wars screenshots as nobody submitted any yet.

We are sure that you will enjoy this yet another gem stone now supported by ScummVM.