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Jan 5, 2007: Fundraiser closed - and a huge success!
Posted by ender


We have had an amazing response to our fundraiser, managing to reach our target of $950 in just over 24 hours! The response was simply amazing, and thanks to these donations several key team members will soon be the proud owners of some shiny new copies of the latest release of IDA - The Interactive Disassembler.

This will be a great help in adding new game support, and fixing some of the odder bugs in our current game engines, so once again we thank all users that have donated. Everyone on the team is amazed at the support you've shown, and we're planning a few surprises down the line to help thank everybody. Please check our Donor List to see how many donations we received, and to read everybody's comments. (Note that only donors who supplied a comment are listed).

However, although the fundraiser is closed, (and especially if you didn't donate in this round), please consider donating in the future if you enjoy ScummVM. We can always use donations to help purchase game software and rare versions to increase our support and compatibility — every dollar or euro is appreciated!