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May 28, 2023: There's that name again. Matia. What's going on here?
Posted by OneEightHundred

Schizm: Mysterious Journey, the second supported game of the V-Cruise engine, is ready for public testing!

Created in 2001 by Detalion and published by LK Avalon, this acclaimed 3D-rendered panoramic first-person adventure has you puzzle your way through an alien world as a team of two scientists split up when their ship crash-landed on the planet.

ScummVM currently supports the DVD and digital English releases (with subtitles in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Greek, and Russian). If you’re aware of any other versions, please contact us.

To play any of these supported releases, you will need a daily development build. If you encounter any issues, please submit them to the issue tracker!