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Dec 6, 2023: Affiliation Links for ScummVM are no longer supported
Posted by The ScummVM Team

For many years, the affiliate program has been a great way to support the project. By using our affiliate links to buy your favorite games, you granted us a small commission from – without having to spend more than the original price.

Earlier this year, announced the discontinuation of its old affiliate program. Instead of using a simple referral link, they are now using two external affiliation networks that contain cross-site tracking, as considered by many ad blockers. Since we have been affiliated with since 2009, we were able to use the legacy referral links for a couple of months after they initially discontinued them.

Unfortunately, our affiliate links were put to rest effective November 22nd, 2023.

Since we don't feel comfortable that you would have to use external affiliation networks just to support the project, and because tracking users is against our project policies, we decided not to join the new program.

We still value as an excellent source for legally purchasing games supported by ScummVM. Even though we are not affiliated with them anymore, we'll continue to support their releases, e.g. by adding and updating the game data files' signatures for the ScummVM supported games that are available for purchase from in our detection database and providing links to their releases in our list of available games.

Thank you and everybody who used our affiliate link for your support over the last 14 years!