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14 мар. 2006 г.: SourceForge.net 2006 Community Choice Awards
Опубликовано fingolfin

Dear ScummVM users! We just discovered that SourceForge.net is currently doing a nomination round for their first annual Community Choice Awards. The good thing: ScummVM has been chosen to be one of the pre-selected candidates. The catch: The nomination round is already closing tomorrow!

So, if you would like to support us, go to the Community Choice Awards Nominations page, enter the "Games" subsection and nominate ScummVM. And of course, you can and should do the same in all the other categories for those projects you think deserve it.

After the nomination round, voting on the top five nominees begins March 17th. Details are not yet known, but chances are that this will be public once again. So keep out an eye on this, and just in case a certain project with a green slimy "S" in its logo makes the cut... you know what you should do ;-).