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18 авг. 2020 г.: Welcome to our new Technical Writers!
Опубликовано Mataniko

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The ScummVM team is excited to welcome CadiH and b-gent, our talented technical writers and participants of Google’s Season of Docs.

CadiH will be working with us to launch a new documentation portal, which will include a revamped user manual and centralize our diaspora of information from the Wiki, Readme, and various other docs within our repository.

b-gent brings his expertise and experience to help us modernize our Doxygen documentation. The Doxygen portal has long been neglected, this will benefit our developers and community as a whole.

The work will officially begin on September 14 and will last 3 months. You can follow the progress of our two writers on the ScummVM Blogs and in the scummvm-gdoc channel on our Discord server. In the meantime join us in welcoming them to our community.