מה זה ScummVM?

ScummVM היא תוכנית המאפשרת לכם להפעיל משחקי הרפתקאות גרפיים קלאסיים מסוימים על כפתור ולחץ, בתנאי שיש לכם כבר את קבצי הנתונים שלהם. החלק החכם בזה: ScummVM רק מחליף את ההפעלה המועברת במשחקים, ומאפשר לך לשחק אותם במערכות שעבורן מעולם לא תוכננו!

ScummVM תומך במשחקי הרפתקאות רבים, כולל משחקי SCUMM של LucasArts (כמו האי הקופים 1-3, יום המעבר , Sam & amp; Max , ...), רבים ממשחקי AGI ו- SCI של סיירה (כגון King's Quest 1-7, Space Quest 1-6, ...), Discworld 1 ו -2, סיימון הקוסם 1 ו -2, מתחת לשמיים מפלדה פיתוי המבצר שבור חרב 1 ו -2, טיסה של מלכת האמזונס , גובלינים 1-3, אגדת קירנדיה 1-3, רבים של משחקי ה- SCUMM לילדים של Humongous Entertainment (כולל פרדי פיש ו- Putt Putt ) ורבים אחרים.**

תוכל למצוא רשימה מלאה עם פרטים על אילו משחקים נתמכים וכמה טוב ב דף התאימות . ScummVM משתפר ללא הרף, אז חזור לעיתים קרובות. בין המערכות עליהן תוכלו לשחק משחקים אלה ניתן למנות חלונות, לינוקס, macOS, iOS, אנדרואיד, PS Vita, Switch, Dreamcast, AmigaOS, Atari / FreeMiNT, RISC OS, Haiku, PSP, PS3, Maemo, GCW Zero ועוד רבים וטובים ...

הפורום שלנו ושרת דיסקורד פתוחים לתגובות והצעות. אנא קרא שאלות נפוצות לפני פרסום.

אתה יכול לתמוך בפרויקט על ידי ביטוי ההתרגשות שלך בצורה של תרומה באמצעות PayPal אם כי אנו מעריכים תרומות קוד באופן משמעותי יותר.

התפתחויות אחרונות
3 בפבר׳ 2023: ScummVM 2.7.0: Call for testing!
פורסם על ידי The ScummVM Team

A few months have passed since we released ScummVM 2.6.1. It's time to prepare for a new release!

Our lovely developers added support, yet again, for a bunch of new ancient games that require testing:

  • Soldier Boyz
  • GLK Scott Adams Interactive Fiction games (C64 and ZX Spectrum)
  • GLK Scott Adams adventures 1-12 (TI99/4A format)
  • Obsidian
  • Pink Panther: Passport to Peril
  • Pink Panther: Hokus Pokus Pink
  • Driller/Space Station Oblivion
  • Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II

Besides these games, we’d appreciate it if you could check our release testing list. Maybe you’ll even find your favorite game on there that has been sitting on that shelf for way too long - otherwise, there are some demos of these games available on our website.

And since ScummVM is about playing games in general, we’ve seen notable changes across many, many engines - so this is the perfect time for giving your favorites another go.

As usual, we are not just adding support for new games. We are constantly working on improving the engines we already support and, in particular, we’ve seen some incredible work being done on the SCUMM engine. Yes, there are the usual bug fixes, but this time we are also adding a feature that helps playing the SCUMM games in a truly original fashion: Support for the original loading and saving dialogs within the GUI!

Speaking of truly original: Remember those old CRT displays we had back in the day? With ScummVM 2.7.0 you’ll be able to replicate this experience on certain platforms thanks to our new shader-based scalers. Go ahead and give it a try!

All testing must be done with stable builds, not development ones. Please report any bugs or oddities on our issue tracker.

A detailed list of all exciting new features and fixes is available in our NEWS file.

Thank you very much for your support! Let’s make ScummVM 2.7.0 a great release - together!

25 בינו׳ 2023: Let me take you to the time warp!
פורסם על ידי mstea

More Director games are ready for public testing!

ScummVM has made huge strides in Macromedia Director support. Many Director 3 games are now fully completable, and several Director 4 games are also now playable. 18 new games are officially supported, and we could use your help testing them. We also welcome reports of any other Director games which are fully playable or completable. To test these new games, please use the latest daily build of ScummVM. Any bugs or problems can be reported to the issue tracker.

Some highlights from the new list of games include:

  • Chop Suey by Theresa Duncan, an important classic of "girl games".
  • Eastern Mind, the cult classic from artist Osamu Kato.
  • Ganbare! Inuchan, based on the comic by singer Kenso Kato, which was the first Director 4 game to be fully completable.
  • Over-Ring-Under, by the same developer as Alice: An Interactive Museum. ScummVM's new support for CD audio in Director games lets players enjoy the soundtrack by Carl Stone.
  • The first five games by Japanese indie developer iTA-Choco Systems.

The full list of games for testing is:

  • The Better Dead Ratification (Mac/Windows)
  • Chop Suey (Mac, Windows)
  • Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou (aka Tong Nou) (Mac/Windows)
  • Fukuoka Go-Round (Mac/Windows)
  • Ganbare! Inuchan: Rock'n Roll-hen (Mac/Windows)
  • Ganbare! Inuchan: Sekai no Tabi-hen (Mac)
  • Henachoco 01: Henachoco Derby (Windows)
  • Henachoco 02: Saitei Birds (Windows)
  • Henachoco 03: Difficult Book Game (Mac/Windows)
  • Henachoco 04: Ano Subarashii Bento o 1-do 2-do (Mac/Windows)
  • Henachoco 05: Yaken Rodem (Mac/Windows)
  • Japan Art Today 07: Takashi Murakami - A Romantic Evening (Mac)
  • Majestic Part 1: Alien Encounter (Mac/Windows)
  • Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisana Ohanashi (Pippin)
  • Over-Ring-Under (Mac)
  • Pepperon Mura no Shiki (aka Op avontuur in kabouterstad and Valmaison au fil des saisons) (Mac/Windows)
  • The Seven Colors: Legend of PSY・S City (Mac)
  • Time Gal (Mac/Windows)
4 בינו׳ 2023: Hail, traveler. Welcome to Farr.
פורסם על ידי sev

Most new visitors don’t know about Mrs. Riddenbutter’s, but you should do yourself a favor and enjoy some of her hospitality and a tankard or two of her ale. Double-click on her door to open it, and step inside. Riddenbutter works the bar, and the smart traveler should speak with her. Drop an idea on her to get her chatting. Like most people, she likes to talk about this and that and the other thing, and she’ll also frequently respond with information that’s more local in nature.

Yes, the ScummVM team announces support for Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II, a marvellous work by our GSoC’21 student Yuri Guimaraes aka a-yyg, who ported the original SAGA2 engine from 1997 by The Dreamers Guild.

Please assist us with testing this game. Take your old dusty CD and feed it to the ScummVM. As usual, you will need the latest daily build of ScummVM. If you encounter any bugs or problems during your gameplay, please file them on our issue tracker.

15 בדצמ׳ 2022: Drill a 3D alien moon, become an interplanetary hero!
פורסם על ידי gu3

Driller aka Space Station Oblivion (in the US), the FIRST supported game of the Freescape engine, is ready for public testing!

Published in 1987 by Incentive Software Limited, this revolutionary new engine allowed players to explore a solid 3D graphic environment with complete freedom of movement for the very first time in videogame history.

A new threat emerges after humanity abandoned a dying Earth to establish a new home on planet Evath. Evath's moon Mitral has turned into a gigantic gas time bomb. A meteor is also due to impact Mitral in the next several hours. You were chosen to secure each of Mitral's 18 sectors by positioning a drilling rig over the gas pockets in each sector before the meteor strikes.

Solve challenging riddles by relying on geological clues, intuition, or good old trial and error. To survive your mission, find Rubicon crystals to restore energy and destroy (or avoid) the Laser Beacons and Skanners left behind by the Ketars. Good luck!

Our reimplemented engine features graphics using software (TinyGL) or hardware mode (OpenGL) at arbitrary resolution. The initial Driller support is limited to DOS (EGA mode), Amiga and AtariST releases, but we hope to be able to add more soon! Please contact us if you have some other release.

To play any of these supported releases, you will need a daily development build. As always, please submit your bug reports to our issue tracker.

10 בדצמ׳ 2022: Welcome to Adibou's magical wonderland
פורסם על ידי sdelamarre

We are pleased to announce that ScummVM now supports Adibou 2, a popular educational game developed by Coktel Vision in 1996.

Designed for children from 4 to 7 years old, the world of Adibou is warm and full of surprises. It offers an intelligent and appealing introduction to essential knowledge like reading and math.

Whether you have young kids in your family, or are keen on reliving your childhood memories for a while, fetch the latest daily build of ScummVM, your own copy of Adibou 2, and start learning having fun with Adibou, Plop, Robitoc and Kicook!

You must copy the content of your Adibou “Environment” CD into the game directory added to ScummVM. Then, for any Adibou Application you want to add, just copy the content of their CD into a freely named subdirectory of the main game directory.

Only Read/Count 4-5 years, Read/Count 6-7 years applications are supported for now, but we hope Science, Music and English will come soon.

Currently ScummVM is aware of several Adibou versions in French, German and English, let us know if you own any language/version not yet registered. Please also report to the issue tracker any glitch you may encounter.