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25 lug 2010: SCI Pre-Release Testing
Scritto da clone2727

It's been only six years and a few months since CABAL was jokingly announced, and now the first round of Sierra's SCI games is going to be supported in ScummVM!

However, we need your help in testing the SCI games. That's right, you, the loyal ScummVM user. Go grab your DOS or Windows SCI game (that is on this list) and play through it with a ScummVM daily build. As you play through the game, try not to die too much, save often, and note down any bugs that you find so you can report them on the bug tracker. Please do not report bugs on non-PC versions of SCI games; they are not supported yet.

When you've finished going through a game, go report it on the forums. If you feel up to the challenge, move on to your next SCI game! And if you're really feeling the Sierra vibe, go test all your SCI games that are up for testing!

Even if you don't have any SCI games, you can still help out. There are many SCI demos (only choose those on the supported demo list) and fan games out there that are waiting for you to test them.