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Jan 23, 2011: Science Fiction Coktel Vision Double Feature
Posted by drmccoy

New year, new supported games. And we are proud to announce two of such newly supported games right away!

The first one is the FMV-tastic detective mystery Urban Runner: You are the investigative reporter Max who's being hunted for a murder he didn't commit by both the police and the actual killers. Can you escape your hunters and solve the crime?

The second one is an obscure interactive storybook for children of the Playtoons series: Bambou le Sauveur de la Jungle. We have only managed to find the French version of the game; other language versions may or may not exist. Information on these would be very much appreciated.

So, grab your running shoes and/or jungle hat, the latest daily build of ScummVM, your game CDs and join us in the (bug)hunt! The needed datafiles can be found here and here. Bugs should be reported to our bug tracker, but please follow our bug submission guidelines. Screenshots of both games would be great too!